Errant Venture

Why Stress over your accounting requirements when you can get them done as simply as taking a photo on your phone. No paper, no fuss. Your time and focus on your business is what is important. Let us journey on your errant venture with you!

It’s no accident that Errant Venture has built itself and its clients’ businesses on systems and processes. Errant Venture Founder, Neil ‘Gerry’ Gerrard, has a military background serving in East Timor and Iraq. When he finished in the military, Gerry wanted a way of continuing to help people and wanted to teach how to be financially efficient and run a business properly.

Gerry strongly believes that with the right systems in place a business can thrive because valuable time is saved for working on more important tasks and fewer mistakes are made. If you want your business to run with the same military precision Gerry employs in his own business, you can’t look past Errant Venture.


We are proud that so many small businesses choose Errant Venture to assist them with their journey through business. Our role is to be your journey partner; to walk along side our clients every step of the way.

If there is a better way, a better process or system Errant Venture will seek it out and implement it for you. Listening to our clients and providing them with solutions is a rewarding part of our work.

Our clients enjoy high quality expertise provided through our fully qualified Chartered Accountants and Certified Practicing Accountants not bookkeepers. Their experience and exceptional customer service by responding to client queries within hours ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Contact Details
  • Phone: 1300 866 679
  • Contact Name: Neil Gerrard