Grounded Cafe WA

Grounded Cafe is a local Seaside cafe located in Kallaroo at the Northshore Community Hub. We pride ourselves on consistently great coffee and yummy daily breakies. We cater for events within the Hub and external as well. We are about bringing community together through finely crafted coffee and cooking & baking with love. We pride ourselves on a warm and welcoming environment with chilled tunes and good vibes only!

At Grounded we work closely with our community and the Northshore Community Hub. We are always engaging with community groups to reach out to and initiatives to get community together. Recently we have hosted the July JBA coffee connect (we are proud members), we have had visits from our very own Mayor Jacobs, Caitlyn Collins, Ian Goodenough, many of our local counsellors. We have even had Peter Dutton come through for a visit at the NSCH hosted!

We have reached out all of the local ocean dipping community groups who often come through & mothers’ groups as well, we hosted a live reading by local author, Deborah Hassett Children’s Author. We have a food exchange at our kiosk where people can bring the fruit and veggies they won’t use and swap them. Currently we are working on creating a Human Library where people will come for an hour or two at an allocated time and sit down in a designated area and talk to each other and tell each other about themselves and their lives.

We hope to get all walks of life and have a lot of strong interest for this initiative already. We really are 100% committed to engaging with our community and it’s working!

Contact Details
  • Phone: 0438999060
  • Contact Name: Kate Young