Red Earth Culture & Wellbeing

Red Earth Culture & Wellbeing is dedicated to helping managers and organisations deal with some of the challenging issues associated with management. In a recent study by GALLUP (2022) it found that on average only 17% of the Australian workforce is considered fully engaged and emotionally connected in what they do.  The remaining 83% of employees at various levels of disengagement, can have a significant drag on productivity, turnover costs, front line management and the morale of your workplace environment.

My significant experience and training has been in some of the most challenging work environments in Australia the emergency services, Australian Defence Force, education and the senior executive space. I have a passion to help business and managers to become more productive and embrace the challenges in the workplace which most often, provide valuable insights into improving systems and culture.

My ability to connect with people at all levels enables me to understand the issues and opportunities very quickly.  This assists me to develop robust management plans in consultation with staff and managers. Some of our speciality areas include:

  • Workplace cultural transformation
  • Employee and management morale
  • Low employee engagement
  • High employee turnover
  • Mental health management in the workplace
  • Workplace conflict
  • Strategic employee wellbeing management and planning; and
  • Leadership coaching.

Don’t let your workplace problems weigh you and your business down.  Ring me for a no obligation free initial consultation.

Contact Details
  • Phone: 0400 534 134
  • Contact Name: Steve Bradfield