Snack Tracker

Select either Food Truck, Ice Cream Van, Mobile Coffee or ALL (Vendor Type)
  •  Change Location or use default Current Location
  •  Track vendors up to 500km away or use default distance of 250km
  • Track all saved favourite trucks on the front page of the app
  • Once clicking on either Vendor Type, search for a specific truck by name by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner.
  • View ALL registered vendors in order of closest to further away
  • View name, logo, distance from (customer), whether the vendor is open or closed and EFTPOS availability
  • By clicking on selected vendor, customers can:
Check the full menu
Leave a review including a star rating system
Find vendor’s contact details with links to the business’s Facebook and Instagram
Save your favourite trucks to receive a notification when they are nearby, by clicking on the heart in the top right corner
MOST IMPORTANTLY – TRACK THE SNACKS LIVE VIA GPS!!!! Note, vendor’s business must be “open” to be trackable.
  • Purchase a Gift Voucher to be used at any participating vendors
  •  In the dropdown menu, a customer can see their received and sent Gift Vouchers, Snack Tracker contact details, follow Snack Tracker on Instagram, read the Privacy Policy, and share the app to their social media handles and email
Contact Details
  • Phone: 0487330796
  • Contact Name: Francie